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Receive SMS

The SMS (Shorts Message Service) represents a simple and direct means of consignment of text messages from and toward GSM cell phones; it can be between them or between a telephone and an external system: e-mailfaxInternet sitedata base, etc.


As professional, you always come across the same problems:

  • How to make known his event.
  • How to be certain to target his customers to least cost
  • How to warn his employers, providers or the general public in case of emergency about a meeting, a new product or important events in your enterprise


The solutions of yesterday:

  • The posters & flyer
  • The radio advertisement
  • The mailing & direct marketing by paper


Supports expensive, very large scope and non targeted with a very low return rate! (1/10 000 source Digital Business UK – march 2002).


The technological solution: the SMS push!

Based on the short messages of the mobile phone, the “Push” consists in sending a message targeted at chosen moment to a potential customer.

The SMS and SMS+ constitute a technology of Direct Marketing B2B and B2C using the IT:

  • An economic method
  • A real impact
  • A non negligeable time gain


Our “SMS Web to Mobile” services : 

  • Xpress sending: Contact a friend directly, send a predefined SMS to different people, program sending of SMS to about ten collaborators…
  • Sending from a list of numbers: Constitute your lists of contacts and send your SMS via your customer self-care space on our web site from any access Internet.
  • Module http: Module http of SMS sending to integrate in your Internet realizations, Intranet and software.


Advantages of our “SMS Web to Mobile” services : 

  • Reduces your communication costs
  • To contact your customers easily, quickly and discreetly
  • To warn in emergency a list of persons about an important event (delay, technical intervention, interruption of service, etc.)
  • To type your computer message easily
  • To send SMS to a list of contacts recorded or non recorded in a data base
  • To propose Invitations for an event
  • To improve the capacity of intervention of your mobile staff
  • To inform your collaborators directly
  • To program your group sending in advance
  • To harass your customers and partners
  • To send so many SMS in a very short time
  • To send advertisement messages such as promotions, vows, birthdays, marriages, etc.
  • To achieve your direct marketing campaigns
  • To send promotional or faithful offers
  • To save on your phone calls
  • To wish vows in an Interactive and programmed way
  • Simple integration with other Internet applications
  • Sending targeted information
  • Fast sending of the same message to so many users
  • Delivery notifications or alerts
  • Direct link with email.


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