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Receive Fax on E-mail Box

FirstOne Telecom set up  the new way to fax without line fax, from your PC connected to Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem, Wireless, LAN, etc.) via an unique technology.

  • Fax from your applications (Word, Acrobat, etc.)
  • Fax without move of your office
  • Send in some clicks your mailing faxes
  • Send 500 faxes in less than 5 min
  • Gain until 75% of economy


To fax by hand is an old-fashioned. Indeed, FirstOne Telecom set up an unique technology  Fax Over Internet (Fax Over IP), that allow to fax from your PC connected to Internet  to USA and all over the world. You can fax your documents therefore from your applications without having fax machine or line fax.

In “some clicks”, you fax your documents to one or several recipients without moving your office. You have an acknowledgment in real time.

Ideal complement to the directories “Yellow Pages” contained the millions of enterprises, FirstFax will become very quickly the indispensable tool of your communication (prospecting, sale, purchase, announcements, promotion, etc.).


If you are interested in our “Internet Fax solution”, please Register to use our service or contact us.


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