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Ticket System / CRM

Customer relationship management usually called “CRM” is the method to manage the firm’s interaction with potential and current customers. It analyses data about clients’ history with the company in the purpose of improve business relationship with clients, focusing on client retention. A CRM usually has many components:

      • Prospection and Marketing
      • Data Analysis
      • Selling Actions
      • Services and support


Ticket System integrated in our Switch Partition Offer

We have integrated the “services and support” part of the CRM in our switch Partition offer in a form of ticket system and it allows:

    • Services Providers to report their issues to us.
    • Customers to report their issue to their Services Providers.
    • Customers under Reseller to report their issues to the linked Reseller.


Ticket received from clients   

Bellow you have a Screenshot where VoIP Services Providers and VoIP Reseller can see and manage issues reports by their customers.


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