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VoIP Callshop Solution

Key options of your modern Callshop solution:

  • Compatibility with each Internet connection with Static/Fixed or Dynamic IP address at the WAN side (Though public IP address is preferred, we also work with private IP address)
  • Easy installation and Flexible configuration (from 2 up to 32 cabins)
  • Attractive solution with display unit in booth, real time billing system, per second method and Possibility of sending Faxes
  • Local Billing software to Ease management and Carrier selection H.323 / SIP industrial standard compliant
  • All range of equipments (Quintum Tenor, AudiocodeAsterisk, Linksys, Cisco Ata, Sipura, Grandstream, Samsung, Zyxel, IP PhoneSoftPhone )
  • If you are looking to upgrade your existing old equipments or rates, we have your solution
  • The most powerful platform and the cheapest price on the market
  • The way to save/return the money spent on communication needs

Competitive advantages:

  • Saving your money. No expenses for telephone lines installation and exploitation are required
  • Avoiding local service provider’s collecting fees (the “last mile” utilization) that decreases the final price-per-call
  • All long distance and international outbound calls are allowed. International Toll Charges to be eliminated. International calls to any destination become quick and simple
  • Possibility of using simple Internet connection, even with Dynamic IP address
  • Possibility of using not expensive Internet connection with low and limited bandwidth without voice quality degradation – Quintum’s unique PacketSaver’ technology allows to reduce bandwidth consumption up to 50% 
  • Possibility of using and sharing the existing Internet connection. Quintum’s unique NATAccess’ technology allows to operate behind NAT-enabled firewalls
  • Possibility of using FREE FirstOne Telecom Callshop Billing System for our clients
  • Possibility of sending Faxes
  • High security level


Hardware and Software requirements:

  • Internet connection with Static/Fixed or Dynamic IP address at the WAN side
  • Complete unlimited usage of Internet connection ports
  • Possibility of installing a personal / our router included in the VoIP Callshop package (desirable) or a possibility of making custom configuration of your/ISP’s existing router
  • In case of installation of the equipment (Tenor VoIP Gateway) behind NAT or firewall, NAT or firewall must be correctly configured in order to place VoIP Gateway to the DMZ zone or make routing according to our recommendations
  • Any computer with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher version


Easy installation procedure: 

  • Order and install a new Internet connection from your local preferred Internet Service Provider or configurate an existing connection according to the requirements listed below.
  • Select the VoIP Callshop equipment customized according to your needs (Quintum Tenor, Audiocode, Asterisk, Linksys, Cisco Ata, Sipura, Grandstream, Samsung, Zyxel, IP Phone ).
  • After connecting the equipment and phone cabins to the Internet,  the initial configuration shall be remotely performed by our engineers.
  • Subscribe to FirstOne Telecom VoIP Connect (call termination) service (Call Shop Billing Solution and configuration service shall be offered for free)
  • Henceforth, your VoIP Callshop is ready to operate.


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