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VoIP Residence Solution

Dramatically lowered calling costs, simplified billing and a wide array of user-friendly features are the key to the popularity of residential Internet telephony services. This in turn makes them attractive for ITSPs and other carriers seeking to extend their present operations and increase revenues.

      • Launch residential IP services (calls from IP Phones, Linksys PAP 2, Sipura, Cisco ATA and Softphones) in just one day,
      • Unlimited perpetual license, regardless of the number of ports, gateways, tariffs, or individual subscribers
      • A capacity of over 10,000 concurrent calls
      • Class 4/5 features: caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, etc.
      • Advanced call features (e.g. follow-me)
      • Unified messaging service with auto-attendant (Voice, Fax, E-mail, SMS)
      • Complete management from PortaBilling100 web interface
      • Automated bulk provisioning of enduser IP phones (Cisco, Sipura, Linksys, etc.)
      • Unlimited number of resellers, each having full autonomy – ability to manage rates for subscribers, create new customers and theirs configurations, etc.


SIP Class 4/5 Softswitch

      • SIP registrar, proxy and B2BUA, ability to proxy either signaling only or signaling plus media
      • Media server and RTP proxy
      • Automated phone number translation – multiple dialing formats for your customers and termination partners


Call Features

      • Caller ID, call waiting, call holding, 3-way calling, etc.
      • Abbreviated dialing (extensions) managed by customer
      • On initial registration, customer’s phone rings and customized welcome message is played
      • Follow-me calls to multiple destinations managed by phone owner



      • Each termination carrier or customer can have their own tariff, with a different set of prefixes
      • Destination groups (e.g. UK-Mobile) for easier rate management


Billing and Provisioning

      • Ability to schedule future rate auto-change; rate modification history
      • Flexible tool for uploading your carriers’ rate lists from CSV/XLS files
      • Peak and off-peak rates, flexible off-peak period definition
      • Volume discount plans – encourage your customers to send you more traffic (“The more you call, the cheaper it gets!”)
      • Automatically offset balances for bilateral traffic exchange
      • Simultaneous support of other service types (e.g. prepaid cards)


Reports and Monitoring

      • Real-time email alerts
      • Comprehensive built-in reports: ASR, Cost/Revenue, CDRs, etc.; ability to run custom reports
      • Customizable PDF invoices with attached call summary
      • Access to self-care pages for your customers and termination partners


Web Interface

    • All administrations are performed to ease usage, intuitive web interface
    • Customizable access levels for all your administrators, audit log for all actions
    • Web self-care pages for your customers
    • Multi-lingual web interface, with the ability to add new languages
    • Online signup for new users via web interface.


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