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VoIP Terminations

The VoIP Switch Partition allows you to buy VoIP Termination from many VoIP Providers or Careers and sell to all categories of customers: Careers, ITSPs, VoIP Service Provider, VoIP Resellers, Calling Cards & Callback Companies, VoIP Callshops, VoIP Residence Services, etc.

VoIP Africa Routes

FirstOne Telecom has his own routes and has Direct Interconnections to many Africa Local Partners in : Algeria, Cameroon, DR of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Sudan.

Switch VoIP

FirstOne Telecom offers advanced VoIP Hosted Switch including : VoIP Wholesales, VoIP Office Solution, VoIP Resellers, VoIP CallShops, VoIP Calling Cards, VoIP Callback and VoIP Residences Business and Mobile Dialer.

VoIP Mobile Dialers

As more and more people own smartphones, the demand for a single communication device increases. Service Provider offers to his customers Mobile Dialer that allows them to make calls from iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile using 4G, 3G or WiFi Internet connectivity.

Mobile TopUP

Integrated Mobile TopUp allows Service Provider’s Customers to send from web interface, International Airtime/credit Remittance over 150 countries. Destination user receive Mobile Credit in his mobile phone. e.g. From USA a child can send mobile Credit to his Mother in South Africa.

VoIP IPPBX – IP Centrex

We offers to Offices solutions such as Long Distant Calls, Calls free between remote offices, IP PBX extension, Calls transferred, Calls holding, 3-way calling and Follow-me calls using functionality including out-of-the-box interoperability with voice and data network environments.

VoIP Calling Cards

A variety of consumer segments (students, business and leisure travelers, expatriates, immigrants) have fueled their growth. These services are popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators’ outrageous high international rates and roaming fees.

SMS Solution

The SMS (Shorts Message Service) Web to Mobile allows users to send test message from web to mobile phone. Service provider can also use our system to buy and sell SMS in Wholesale via SMPP Protocol. Our DID allow also end user to receive incoming SMS.

Virtual Phone Numbers-DID

FirstOne Telecom VoIP Switch Partition allows VoIP Services Providers to buy DIDs from many DIDs Providers and use them as access numbers for: Calling Card and Conference. Those DID can also serve to receive Calls or Faxes. They can also resell DIDs in wholesales.

VoIP Reseller Program

Our VoIP Reseller Program include VoIP Callshop billing and Residence services such as Calling card (PIN and PINLess), ANI Service, Pc-to-Phone, Mobile Dialer, DIDs and VoIP Web portal for online signup and payment online. A Reseller create and manage his own selling rates.

VoIP Callback Solution

Our VoIP Callback Solution allows an end user to initiate long-distance calls from his mobile phone. The user dials the access number (Trigger number), after the first ring, the system drops the call and then callbacks in the few seconds and ask to enter the destination number.

FoIP / Internet Fax

We’ve set up a new way to fax without fax line, from your PC connected to Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem, Wireless, LAN, etc.) via an unique technology: Fax from your applications (Word, Acrobat, etc.). Without move from your desk, send in some clicks 500 faxes in less than 5 min.

VoIP Residence Solution

A Service Provider can launch residential IP services allowing end users to call from IP Phones, Linksys PAP 2, Cisco ATA or from their mobile phone, tablets or PCs via Mobile Softphones. End users signup from Website and get Account where they can login and make online payment.

VoIP Callshop Solution

Callshop billing in live(Call destination, Call duration and total booth/cabin amount in real time) where callshop owner define end users in booth/cabin prices. Selling reports are generated per cashier. We also provide Web portal to Callshop chain owner for online signup and payment.

Ticket System / CRM

FirstOne Telecom Integrated Ticket System allows VoIP Service Providers to report their issues to us. It also allows a VoIP Service Provider’s customers to report their issue to him. Customers under VoIP Reseller also report their issues to the VoIP Reseller.

E-Shop Web Portal

VoIP Web Portal we offer to the VoIP Services Providers or VoIP Resellers allows users to click on signup button and fill out the form. System creates VoIP Account and sends access info into the user’s E-mail box. User can then login, make online payment and start making calls.