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VoIP Callback Solution

With our Callback Management solution, service providers can enable users to initiate long-distance calls using a variety of origination methods, thus offering an alternative to costly outbound long-distance rates.

Supported Origination Methods

VoIP_Callback_Mail VoIP_Callback_SMS
Web  SMS
VoIP_Callback_Mail VoIP_Callback_ANI
E-Mail  ANI

How does it work?

  • Pickup your cell or regular phone and dial the access number (you will not be charged for this call because the recipient’s server will reject the call)
  • When you hear the ring tone, hang up
  • System will call you back in 5 seconds
  • System will ask for the Pin number, enter your pin followed by the pound key
  • System will announce “please enter your destination”
  • Enter your destination followed by the pound key and system will terminate the call over IP.


Who is it for ?

  • ITSPs in countries with a monopolistic state-owned telecom, who are seeking enhanced profit from callback services
  • Service providers who already offer prepaid and postpaid calling card services over a switched circuit network
  • Telecom companies and other service providers interested in offering callback services to a wide range of important target communities
  • Enterprises seeking to extend the reach of their web presentations by allowing visitors to connect to sales or other representatives by just clicking a button
  • Speech-enabled web portals



  • Easy integration with existing VoIP infrastructure
  • Compatible with all SIP or H.323 terminating gateways or carriers
  • Billing-assisted
  • Web interface for end user accounts
  • Open source for integration into business partners’ back office/website
  • Unlimited license


Solution Components

  • PortaUM gateway
  • Set of customizable HTML forms for each web callback scenario
  • Perl CGI script


Key Features

  • Compatibility with most existing VoIP carriers (H323 or SIP)
  • Unlimited number of callback scenarios
  • IVR support


ANI Callback service

ANI Callback service allows telephone users to initiate long-distance calls by calling a Platform which, in conjunction with PortaOne ANI Callback, authenticates the user by his/her telephone number (ANI) and connects him/her to the destination party.



Web callback

Web callback allows users to initiate a phone call by completing and submitting a form on a website. PortaOne Web Callback processes the submitted information and connects the user with the other party.


SMS Callback

SMS Callback service allows GSM cell phone users to initiate long-distance calls by sending an SMS message to a SMS callback module connected with a third-party GSM gateway.


Email Callback

Email Callback service allows users connected to the Internet to initiate calls by sending an email message to an email callback application.


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