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VoIP IPPBX – IP Centrex

FirstOne Telecom offers solutions for Remote offices, Multi-Office, Banking, Education, Long Distant calls, Call free between remote offices, IP PBX extension, Calling Cards, Callback, calls waiting, calls transferred, calls holding, 3-way calling and Follow-me calls using functionality including dynamic call failover, out-of-the-box interoperability with voice and data network environments, SIP and H323 support, and more.


FirstOne Telecom is the premium quality provider for termination of your national and international telecommunication minutes. We provide small and medium-sized enterprises such as Banks, Insurances, Industries, Academies and Hospitals with extremely low rates for national and international calls to ANY destination worldwide.


Components of Enterprise solution:

The core elements of VoIP-based enterprise services include:

  • A VoIP Gateway that supports RADIUS/AAA (CISCO, Quintum, etc.); this equipment plays the role of an interface for the originated call from the PSTN (caller’s phone) to the IP network (Internet), and include an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) server that provides prompt voice describing the account balance and minutes available for the call.
  • PortaBilling Software, a real-time billing and customer care platform that keeps track of calls and corresponding charges; redundant system architecture (dual database) is already incorporated in the basic version.
  • PortaSIP software, a call control software package based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), providing a full array of call routing capabilities as well as a solution to the NAT traversal problem.
  • PortaUM (Unified Messaging System) for handling voice, fax, and regular e-mail messages as objects in a single mailbox, which users can access via a web interface or by telephone.
  • Compatible end-user hardware (IP telephones, integrated access devices, VoIP gateways with FX ports, etc.)


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