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VoIP Reseller Program

FirstOne Telecom Offer VoIP Reseller Program that include VoIP Callshop billing and Residence services such as VoIP Calling card (PIN and PINLess), ANI Service, Pc-to-Phone, VoIP Mobile Dialer, DIDs and VoIP Web portal for online signup and payment online. A Reseller create and manage his own selling rates.

VoIP Reseller program

  • Use VoIP network ready solution
  • Work with all categories of possible customers: Callshops, Offices, Call Centers, Calling Card dealers, Callback operators, Residences, etc.
  • Possibility to have multiple customers and even sub-resellers
  • Private label: VoIP and FoIP traffic reselling via your label (logo, company name)
  • Make additional profit in VoIP equipment/Gateway reselling (Quintum, Audiocodes, Linksys, Sipura, Grandstream, Zyxel, etc.)  
  • Easy administrative and financial management
  • No initial fees
  • Risk free
  • VoIP Billing for free
  • Configuration and monitoring for free
  • Technical support for free
  • In other words, you shall be free from all complicated technical details! You are free from   everything for only one thing: selling the services, earn money and build your own company’s image.


Private Label : How does it work?

Your company name or trademark, logo and contact information can be placed on all billing system user interfaces. This allows all your customers to work with you and recognize your company name exclusively.

  • All commercial and financial relations with the customers are performed by you as well.
  • Our commercial service team has no contacts with anybody else but you.


VoIP Reseller’s WEB-based interface ? 

Any time by using your personal access information (login, password) to Reseller’s self-care WEB-based interface you can supervise/monitor all information you need:

  • Create tariffs and products.
  • Create customers and his sip-accounts.
  • Configure logins and passwords to customer’s self-care interface for each of your customers and any of them can get an access to the same information concerning their accounts.
  • Apply tariffs, products and payments. 
  • Change the current balances of your customers’ accounts (by adding payments or applying credit limits).
  • View your own and customers’ accounts status, current balance, CDRs, invoices, contents history and statistics.
  • The financial control is managed automatically by the system
  • When customer’s balance becomes 0 all accounts of this customer will be blocked immediately and automatically; and you or customer will be informed of this event by E-mail
  • E-commerce module – Available payment methods: PayPal, MoneyBookers, VISA, Master Cards


If you are interested in our “VoIP Reseller Program”, please Register to use our service or contact us.


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