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Switch VoIP

FirstOne Telecom offer advanced VoIP Hosted Softswitch and Integrated System dedicated to delivering Calls routing,  Customers Management and Billing Solutions for Carriers, Internet Telephony Service Providers(ITSPs), VoIP Resellers, VoIP CallShops, Offices, VoIP Calling Cards Distributors, VoIP Callback Dealers and Residences.


 Modules :

n Wholesales Termination

n SIP Trunking

n Hosted IP PBX / IP Centrex

n Online web Signup 

n E-commerce Module 

n Reseller Module

n Callshop Module in live

n Calling Cards Module

n Callback Module

n Device2Phone

n Mobile2Phone / Mobile Dialer

n PC2Phone / Softphone

n Instant Messaging

n FoIP / Fax2Email

n SMS Web2Mobile

n VoiceOnNet

n Conference Module

n TLS/VPN function

n IVR / Interactive Voice

n DIDs / Virtual Numbers

n Ticket System


 Main features

n The system supports both SIP and H323 protocols

n Supported codec’s : G729, G723, G726, G711, etc.

n Intelligent routing: LCR (Least Cost Routing), Pre-set preferences, Customer specific, Profit guarantee, Adaptive

n You can provide many types of services qualities to your customers: Premium Wholesales, etc.

n Unlimited resellers and direct customers creation

n Unlimited tariff plans creation

n Unlimited number of simultaneous calls

n Real time billing system for converged & triple play services : voice & video calls, Fax, IPTV, WiFi, SMS, data & Content

n Multi-lingual self-care web interface to check balance, CDRs, statistics, log, Cost/Revenue, etc. 

n Multiple currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, YEN, ZAR, FCFA, Dinar, etc.)

n Early warning Email prevents clients from running out of credit limit.


Advantages of Hosted Softswitch VoIP

 n Buy VoIP terminations from any VoIP Providers

n You do not depend only for 1 termination VoIP Provider.

n Change 1 VoIP Termination Provider without reinstalls your customers.

n If you are out of credit with 1 termination vendor, use the other termination vendor before pay for credit

n If your main termination vendor has no good quality in some destination, route the call to the other termination vendors.

n If your main termination vendor has higher prices in some destinations, route call to cheaper termination vendors.

n With LCR(Least Cost Routing) between your termination vendors, you can be more competitive in your market

n You can Work with all categories of possible customers: Termination customers, Resellers, Callshop, Offices, Call Centers, Calling Card resellers, Callback resellers, Residences, etc.

n You have more statistics, reports and functions than single Reseller.

n Advance functions: Active call, Log, Cost/Revenue, cut a call, etc.

FirstOne Telecom Solutions benefits are based on its competitive cost of deployment, maintenance and rapid return of investment in only few months. We continuously focus on quality as we identify this as a long term strategy to win in this competitive market.


If you are interested in our “VoIP Switch”, please Register to use our service or contact us.


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